Gettin Comfy with and the new cannabis vocabulary. – Gettin' Comfy With Cannabis

Gettin Comfy with and the new cannabis vocabulary.

Marijuana is one of the most use drugs in the world. When many people smoke marijuana, they feel the effects of mediately. Like when words are spoken they are heard and the effects are felt immediately. Like Edibles take 30 to 40 minutes to digest  the Cannabis vocabulary has been masticating and digesting for the last 30 to 40 years and has changed as much as cannabis.

Not only has our marijuana change tremendously rising from 1% in THC in the 1900 to over 33% today in the 21st century. The way we grow/cultivate the way sell/purchase it to the way we consume smoke/blaze is still the same although our terminology has changed as much as our miss Mary Jane Cannabis. Getting comfy with cannabis is going to try to help you get comfy with the new cannabis vocabulary.
Now remember that this vocabulary may change or differ according to your economic status or region of origin.
Miss Mary Jane Cannabis now prefers to be called by her last name. Society is deemed it more proper. I’m not sure what the proper terminology for cannabis is nowadays but I hope this comparison informed you and makes you remembering giggle.
Your bong is now legally called a waterpipe, which has turned into a rig (not the needle kind) and cost 100s if not thousands.  I remember my 1st time dabbing They said get out the rig and the torch. If they had said spoon I was out of there. I am way too old to start running THC. This was my awaking to the new cannabis vocabulary. I will try not to make your so scary.
1900.                      2017
 Pot is now called Kush
A pipe made from items found in the garage. Today glass pipe found in every smoke shop. A lighter is now a torch a dime bag: 1/4 oz of cannabis now a dime bag is a small amount of weed usually a gram sold for $10. A joint / fatty is now called a 1 gram pre-roll.
710- the governments area code dedicated to 1 number N…..  710- spells oil upside down, name for concentrates. Dealer: usually the bad boy with a rock and roll t-shirt. Today it’s a Plug (not a butt plug) he is your Street dealer then there is your budtender your legal dealer.
A automatic grinder, this use to be your fingers breaking it up over homework or a bill. Seeds and stems we’re throwaways now you can sell them.