Gettin' Comfy With Cannabis

Our Roots


Gettin Comfy with Cannabis is a show designed to help bridge the generational gap between “the four finger bag” as a way to measure and the more precise measure by grams. If you don’t know what we’re talking about then it is time for you to tune into Gettin’ Comfy with Cannabis.  This show will help you understand every aspect of cannabis so you can be informed and live in this ever changing new world cannabis culture. You don’t want to come off stoned, stupid and uninformed. Get informed with us. Discuss, learn, sharing and caring is what it is all about. We are growing our spirits, minds and healing our bodies through cannabis. What God has given us, let us not waste.


From practical uses, to medicinal purposes, we will be Gettin Comfy with Cannabis from prohibition to privileged freedom. We will be gettin comfy with everything and every one from the ground up, all the way to the politicians in the sky. Even the ones that want to keep you from getting high.

We will discuss everything from flower to shatter and everything else that matters.

Discussion’s about the family and with the families to eases the smoking shame of smoking families. Making the unknown the known. It is time to bring together the family that smokes in separate bedrooms out of the bedrooms and into the family room. Puff, Puff-Pass Information Last. Correcting what’s always been known but never acknowledged. Gettin Comfy with Cannabis…. Now let’s discuss.

Cannabis has come a long way and is still ever changing in today’s world. Lets get Comfy with Cannabis together and change yourselves and the world even more.